Sad Love Quotes

Sadness can make one mad. It is one of the heaviest feeling which we do not want to carry in our hearts, but yet we feel a feeling of happiness in having those in our hearts. That's because all those sad feelings, sad moments are filled with our most dear ones, whom we never wish to erase from our hearts. Never let this sad moments befill your heart with pain. Here are the lovely Sad love quotes, which you could free download and share with your dear love and friends and express your sadness, love and affection. Stay updated with the page and share through any social media pages.

Love Begins With A Smile
Love Begins With A Smile, Grows With A Kiss And Ends With A Tear Drop.. - Saint Augustine
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Sad Love Quotes
You Are In The Depths Of My Heart and For No Reason I Will Stop Showing You All My Affection

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