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Love is the profound feeling and emotion that bound the living things together in the universe. We don't need a special capability to love or to be loved. Everyone is capable of showing and receiving this wonderful feeling. But among people, the word "Love" is mostly defined to be in a romantic relationship, with the comfortable and loving partner. There are many ways to express the love towards the partner. But whatever the way you try to convey your love, the power of words can never be regretted. The "Quotes about Love" section is best suitable for everyone who is searching for the right and apt words to express their love.

Sometimes Best Memories Makes You Sad
Sometimes Best Memories Makes You Sad Because Those Memories Never Happen Again
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I Don
My Love For You Is Never
He Loves Death, She Loves Life,
Life Is Not Measured By The
Between Our Laughs, Long Talks
You Are My Ocean
I Just Can\
I Want You. Nothing Else.
I Love My Girlfriend
I Love Living Life With You
A Day Without Your Love Is
When They Fall In Love
You Are The Last Thought In My Mind
If I Could Describe Love
Love Is The Flower You\

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