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Love is one of the most beautiful feelings between two hearts. Love is a wonderful start that makes you to feel alive. Here is a simple online love calculator which helps to find out the love percentage of two people. It is a fun and interesting love tester tool to assess the relationship of two persons based on their names.


How to Use Love Calculator Online?

Step 1: Enter Your Full Name
Step 2: Enter Name of Your Partner (Friend/Crush/Lover/)
Step 3: See your results on the Love Tester. If you wish to share the image, click download button and share it to your partner.

Love Tester / Love Meter
Love tester or meter is an online free love relationship detector which you can use to quantify the love compatibility and kind of relationship between two individuals.

"Love is the greatest refreshment in life." - Pablo Picasso
"Love is a friendship set to music." - E. Joseph Cossman

Are you confused in relationship? Just try this love meter to know the relationship between you and your partner and also see the percentage of your love.
Love tester is one of the best fun and entertainment portal in the internet world.

This calculator is just for fun. Play it. Don't take it serious.