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Love is not a crush and crush is not a love. Crush is defined as an infatuation that mostly happens at a younger age. It is only attraction between boys and girls. Here is the simple love crush calculator which helps you to test the love compatibility of two persons. It is a fun and entertainment tool to know how much your crush likes you.


How to use Love Crush / Percentage Calculator?

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Love Compatibility Test
Are you having crush on someone? Do you want to know if your crush also feel the same way?
Use this love compatibility test tool which shows the percentage of love on your crush, also know how much your crush likes you without asking him/her. It displays your relationship level using heart symbol ratings.
Crush is not a love, just an infatuation. It is only an attraction between male and female. Don't confuse with yourself. Try this fun calculator to see how well you and your crush match.

This calculator is just for fun. Play it. Don't take it serious.